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Steel is a material that for many centuries has been identified with men and power. Forget what you knew, as this connection is no more.

Cal Lane is an artist who likes to embrace and explore things unknown to her and her nature. For many years now, her main practice is to take cold steel objects, from shovels to car parts, and transform them into delicate artworks with floral or other details.

Everything she touches, she touches with having a more feminine point of view, and an aim to sophisticate old and rusty things. She uses a lace-like effect to every series of work, even though they might have totally different themes.

Having been involved in various educational programs in institutions she always tries to improve and broaden her understanding of art. As for her obsession with lace, she writes on her website, “It also introduces a kind of humor through the form of unexpected relationships. Like a Wrestler in a tutu, the absurdity of having opposing extremist stances is there for reaction and not rational understanding; the rational discussion arises in the search for how one thing defines the other by its proximity.”

via demilked

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