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Paulie Polka is a London-based artist and photographer with a love for the vintage, the eccentric and the macabre. Following the tradition of Lowbrow, an underground visual art movement that arose in Los Angeles in the late 1970s, Polka creates sketches and paintings depicting dark, often scary scenes like portraits of vampires and little kids being served body parts (Kiddies).

Influenced by German expressionism, Polka’s creations are icons of a creepy world. Combining the spooky with the cartoony, the artist creates scenes where children are found eating human intestines in a grotesque, definitely scare environment. Ecstatic and crazy looking, some of these kids seem to enjoy eating brains and bones. Inspired by horror films and the 50s, the grotesque imagery of Polka discusses the lines between innocence and darkness, with his work being strongly humorous.


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