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Anne-Sophie Adelys, is a painter whose work focuses on exploring telling stories, and has been exhibited in France and New Zealand.

Her work is intensely based on notions like the presence of absence, while what also concerns the artist is memory and its products. In her series “Becoming Memories”, the artist created pictorial mementos of past friends, relationships and moments, she charges with a bright, pop aesthetic. “How do memories become memories? Why do we beautify memories? she wonders in her artist statement.

Working with old family photos, the artist aimed to explore the way a memory is kept in a person’s mind, seen and questioned by both the narrator and the audience. Adelys sees memories as an eternal energy, that stays written on the hearts and minds of people, even after they die. Somehow these memories seem to get transferred, also by people with different lives and experiences.

This process is translated into Adelys work, with the painter aiming to combine the viewer and creator and the visible and invisible memories, the way the past and the present are combined. In a way that allows them to both exist, even if this co-existing is the opposite of parallel. The notions of representing and remembering, play beautifully with the artist’s work, making it look like something that cannot be completed without the ability of filling its gaps by painting them, but most importantly, by remembering them.

“This [series] investigates the idea of becoming new memories; the reconstruction of brighter, prettier and naively reconstructed perceptions of an edited past,” writes the artist.

IMG_0823 anne-sophie-adelys1144_800mm-x-950mm_Phreon360-1965-1024x862 anne-sophie-adelys1146_800mmx950mm_Phreon360-1994-1024x862 IMG_0834 anne-sophie-adelys1147_800mmx880mm_Phreon360-1976-1024x930 anne-sophie-adelys1148_800mmx800mm_Phreon360-2014-1024x1024 Montage-HR-1024x390 anne-sophie-adelys1149_800mm-x-800mm_Phreon360-1959-1024x1024