Melissa Faithful for Art-Sheep

Anna Wypych is a Polish painter who specializes in nudes. Focusing on the female body, Wypych creates a line of work where women are depicted as the beautiful, majestic creatures they are, drawing the attention of the viewer who becomes both the creator and the voyeur of the scenes. Experimenting with her technique, Wypych paints her everyday women under various states. These women are happy, sad or confused, women that look like they’re just finding themselves, women that have both good and ugly sides.

“I’ve noticed that my paintings are arranged in a train of thought, and often their meanings follow from one to next and together forming a story,” she writes on her website.

annaw5 annaw prymitywna-prawda-5 annaw1 annaw11 annaw10 annaw7 creature-4-strona-zw1 maski-strona-duzy-naglowek