Jonathan Stone for Art-Sheep

Wen times ask for things, things get invented.

And even though the concept of posters is very familiar to us today, mainly because our rooms used to be full of them during our teenage years, at first they weren’t actually massively used to promote rock concerts or movies, they were extensively produced and used for propaganda purposes.

World War I’ is famous for the tragic amount of deaths and the catastrophe it brought Europe on social, financial and political levels. These posters below showcase the persistence with which the countries that took part in this war tried to promote their motives and policies, urge people to join the military and manipulate them in order to believe in their cause.

via vintag
British recruitment poster, 1914
Actually, the king’s well being should be the least of your worries.
Canadian recruitment poster, 1914
The text basically reads, “We’re with England cause those Prussians are C-R-A-Z-Y!
Irish recruitment poster, 1915
And while you’re at it, we want more..
British recruitment poster, 1915
Did they fought dragons during WWII?
South Midland Divisional Cyclist Company recruitment poster
Like, why would the King need people who are fond of cycling?
British and Commonwealth recruitment poster, 1915
If the empire needs men, what are these lions doing defying their foes?
Australian recruitment poster
Seriously? No, seriously?
Irish recruitment poster, 1915
At least they had a creepy old man leading the way.
Indian recruitment poster
The most honest poster of them all. “Wanna make some easy bucks? Go to war and you might get them!”
British recruitment poster, 1915
This doesn’t make any sense at all.
British recruitment poster
This is actually the most humorous of all, as it asks for smart men, when it’s actually made for stupid.
And who the heck would ever trust a tank-professor to be their teacher?