by Agape Charmani

Yes, this is one of those tests that have no scientific evidence to prove their assumptions, but they’re more or less based on the writer’s friends and family. And yet, you will read it and will find that they’re actually somehow true to who you are.

Gustav Klimt – “The Kiss”

You are a hopeless romantic, and there is nothing you can do to change that. Live the dream, fall in love and do romantic things. You are attracted to beautiful, cultivated people. You like travelling and visiting big European cities, while you probably work 9 to 5 and live in a town no one has ever heard of.

Salvador Dali – “The Persistence of Memory”

A sarcastic nihilist who enjoys loneliness, good music and European TV shows. Your house is full books you collect but rarely read as you believe you already know what they are about. You probably own a meme Facebook page and play a musical instrument or two.

Andy Warhol – “32 Campbell’s Soup Cans”


Your retro furniture and colorful clothes show that you are a 60s child. You decorate your walls with torn magazine pages and photographs that mean something to you. Your Facebook cover photo is a rare photograph of the Beatles and your relationship status is always “complicated”.

Vincent van Gogh – “Starry Night”

You are a person who likes taking long walks in your city, clearing your mind and finding peace. You think you will find the love of your life somewhere in the way, and you probably will. You like reading and going to museums and even though Van Gogh is your favorite artist, you know much more about art than the person sitting next to you in the Louvre.

Any work by Banksy 

You are a rebel and you think you will change the world. You won’t, but you can always not turn into a capitalistic asshole.

Edvard Munch – “The Scream”

Run. Now.

Mark Rothko – “Number 61”


You know nothing about art, but a Rothko copy looks great in your company’s office.

Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Rooms

You are actually happy with your life and don’t need any test to say that, so you really don’t know why you clicked on this link. Maybe it is because you thought lights and mirrors would say something more about your personality, but they really don’t. Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.

Leonardo da Vinci – “Mona Lisa”

You like reading books, cooking and conspiracy theories. You would do anything for a good crime mystery and you think you know it all. You don’t and your friends hate you for it, but they love the way you believe everything you hear on TV.

Georgia O’Keeffe – “Pink Tulip”

You like listening to classical music while making love to your partner. You like tea and walking your dog to the park and enjoy random conversations with strangers, but you keep to yourself during social events.

Jackson Pollock – “Autumn Rhythm”


You sleep everyday at 4am and wake up at 8am. You like chaos and you hate security. You lost your glasses 2 years ago and you prefer not seeing well over going to the doctor’s. You’re passionate about your job, but not so much about your love interests, as you are emotionally crippled and have no time to visit a therapist.

Hieronymus Bosch – “The Garden of Earthly Delights”

It’s much easier to describe how the world was created than you. You are weird and you let people get that through your blue hair and your big smile. You like studying and your two master’s degrees can prove that. Don’t let anyone tell you you don’t belong here. You make the world a better place.

Jenny Holzer – “Protect Me From What I Want”


You spend too many hours scrolling down on tumblr. Your friends will live to tell the story of the cool person who never acted on their dreams. So get up and do the first thing that comes in your mind.

Marcel Duchamp – “Fountain”

You actually prefer Joseph Beuys but none of your friends know who that is so you always say Duchamp. Life is too short for cold coffee, loveless relationships and Jeff Koons.