Tilda Swinton

Melissa Faithful for Art-Sheep

Tilda Swinton -amazing actress, brave activist and great human being, co-founded a school with Ian Sutherland McCook in 2013. In her interview with The Observer, Swinton explains that what inspired her to make this move was her twins -Honor and Xavier, turning 14, and the unsuitable “upper” schools they had as options.

She started the Drumduan Upper School, a school based in Scotland, that has no exams or grades and teaches kids “life” through practical and useful activities. “My children are now 17, and they will go through this school without any tests at any time, so it’s incredibly art-based, practical learning. For example, they learn their science by building a Canadian canoe, or making a knife, or caramelizing onions. And they’re all happy 17-year-olds. I can’t believe it – happy and inspired.”

The school’s headmaster is probably the coolest person ever -after Tilda Swinton of course. His name is Krzysztof Zajaczkowski, his srudents call him “Krzys” and on his CV one can find his past occupation as a Sex Pistols roadie.

I can’t believe this school exists and I can’t believe I can’t attend it anymore -since I’m grown up and all, but I’m happy there are beautiful people like Tilda who can and do make this world a little bit better.

All photos: Murdo MacLeod for the Observer

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