Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

How would the world be if it was conquered by children? Endless roads of scattered toys, skyscrapers with fun parks and big screens playing cartoons on repeat on every square.

French photographer Franck Bohbot took some beautiful shots of public spaces around New York, where he is based. Bohbot’s photos are places in the city, like playgrounds and abandoned pools, that kids love to visit and play around. Whether he is shooting long after the children’s departure or just before they come back to play, the photographer is really interested in the stillness of the space. The grey and lonely urban scenery Bohbot captured, are spots temporarily “out of order”, as they’re patiently waiting for the children’s action.

The neighborhoods of New York are filled with places like these. Beautiful places that belong to children and for most hours of their days, they have to stand still and wait for their arrival.


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