Anna Randal for Art-Sheep

There is nothing more cooler that seeing beautiful people joining forces. But apart from cool, seeing Patti Smith and the Dalai Lama together, is also very cute.

Before welcoming him to the stage, Smith read a poem she’d written for the moment:
A small entreaty
Like the peeling of a lotus
Papering the distance
For you underfoot
One lone skin
To lift and fashion
As a cap to cradle
Your bowing head
An ear to hear
The great horn
A slipper to mount
The temple step
One lone skin
Bearing this wish
May your hands be full of nothing
May your toys scatter the sky
Tiny yellow bundles
Bursting like stars
Like smiles
At the laughter of a bell

The footage featured here shows the Dalai Lama walking on stage during Patti Smith’s Glastonbury performance, with the audience cheering and singing Happy Birthday. After blowing the candle, the Dalai Lama cut his cake and gave a blessed kata scarf to Smith.

Take a look at the video below and overdose from beauty and serenity.