Samuel Masters for Art-Sheep

Does the condom of the future come in a spray can? Quite possibly so, or at least that is the intention of Pratt Institute design student Michele Chu. Chu obviously bored with the traditional condom design has stated, “I thought the condom market needed some refreshing. Condoms look like those little ramen seasoning packets. They’ve just been these square things forever.” Her idea of modernized “sexy-time” essentials revolves around a “lovers’ kit”, that will contain the innovative spray-on contraceptive, as well as traditional condoms and a remote controlled bra.

Chu’s idea of a spray-on condom is not unheard of, as formerly, entrepreneur Jan Vinzenz Krause had also try to launch a similar product that was, however, not deemed easy to use and the concept was eventually abandoned. Let’s all hope that Chu’s plan is going to be more successful.

via deathandtaxes