Julia Kaczorowska is a Warsaw-based photographer. She has vitiligo, a condition by which the flesh loses its pigment in certain areas, causing the skin color to differentiate in these areas. Her new photography project is inspired by her condition, a condition she shares with 2% of the world’s population.

“WZORY, which in Polish means both “designs” and “role model,” is her chronicle of and tribute to people with vitiligo, who despite the stigma that surrounds the condition, choose to bare all,” she explaines on her Behance. With many people with vitiligo trying to cover their marks, Kaczorowska exposes the beauty of this condition, capturing people of all skin colors, genres and ages. “WZORY is about role models who hope to inspire those struggling to understand or to embrace vitiligo,” she writes, hoping to inspire more people to understand and embrace this special feature of theirs.
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