by Agape Charmani

Okay. If all these Star Wars products we keep on suggesting, don’t impress you enough as Christmas gifts, this one definitely will!

So remember when we were kids and we used to fight with our friends about all kinds of stuff, like which Power Ranger is better than the others? Well now we’re going to be fighting over some of our favorite artist, as art writer James Cahill created the most amazing card game in the history of card games.

The rules of the game are simple. Pick a card and see who has the more influence or “shock of the new” effect. Every art lover has now the chance to “play their favourite artists against each other to discover who rules the art world.” From Andy Warhol to Banksy, you can now just open the top drawer, reach for the cards and have your favorite artist in your hands!

You can buy the Artists’ Trump Cards here

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