Samuel Masters for Art-Sheep

For many kids, a wheelchair would be a huge impediment on their annual trick-or-treating, but that does not stand true for a little guy in Colorado suffering from cerebral palsy, whose dedicated step-dad has chosen to view his wheelchair, not as an unavoidable problem, but as a means of creating the most incredibly awesome Halloween costumes.

The 6-year-old’s step father, reddit user Viper20220k, builds incredible, huge 3-D costumes, enveloping the wheelchair and actually using it as a skeleton. Elaborate and impressive, the costumes need first and foremost to be safe for the wheelchair and the 6-year-old, besides looking cool, and the reddit user has admitted to dedicating at least 15 to 30 hours to their construction. Captured in costumes ranging from amazing tanks with a real smoking barrel to firetrucks and pirate-ships, this stylish youngster manages to become the focus of all the attention with his fancy getups and hopefully there are much more to come in the future.

 wheelchair-son-costume-02 wheelchair-son-costume-03 wheelchair-son-costume-04