Holly Williams for Art-Sheep

Who doesn’t like LEGO? This classic past-time is guaranteed fun for kids of practically all ages, not to mention even adults. Indeed, in Mike Doyle’s Beautiful Lego and Beautiful LEGO 2: Dark, the content can be defined as strictly adult in nature.

From creepy insects and haunted mansions to a corpse and an electric chair execution, among others, the artist’s creations are definitely not the LEGO structures you are used to, but we trust you are still going to find them equally entertaining. Combining a more ominous and “grown-up” thematic approach with a childhood’s favorite toy, Doyle manages to create detailed masterpieces  from the essentially simple, plastic bricks. And guess what? They are awesome!

via beautiful/decay

BLEGO2_191  BLEGO2_161 BLEGO2_096 BLEGO2_003 BLEGO_162-163_web beautifullego_xi beautifullego_120-121 beautifullego_020 ChrisMcVeigh_16x10   BLEGO2_200BLEGO2_209