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A mother’s influence does and will always have a huge impact in a person’s life, career and personal choices. Especially when that person is an artist with sensitivities and curiositie, their relationship with their mother will always be of a great importance.

Below you will find a list of ten works, created by artists who may not have spent more than 4,000 hours painting their mothers like Lucien Freud, but have captured interesting portraits of their mothers nonetheless. Let’s celebrate Mother’s Day with a collection of some of the most powerful works of art, dedicated to the mothers of some of the most important artists in the history.

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1. Rembrandt, The Artist’s Mother (1629)

Rembrandt’s mother, Neeltgen Willensdr, who would often pose as his model.

2. Paul Cézanne, The Artist’s Mother (1867)

Cézanne’s mother who was more than supportive to her son’s career.

3. James Whistler, Whistler’s Mother (1871)

James Whistler’s mother, Anna Matilda McNeill whose portrait is a landmark in Whistler’s career.

4. Vincent van Gogh, Portrait of the Artist’s Mother (1888)

Van Gogh’s mother, Anna Carbentus was an amateur artist and inspired Van Gogh to follow a career as an artist.

5. Pablo Picasso, Portrait of the Artist’s Mother (1896)

Picasso’s mother, whose portrait is one of his earliest works.

6. Marc Chagall, Mother by the Oven (1914)

Chagall’s mother, Ida Chagall depicted in front of an oven.

7. Andy Warhol, July Warhola (1974)

Warhol’s mother, July Warhola, captured in silkscreen.

8. Lucien Freud, The Painter’s Mother Resting (1976)

Freud’s mother, Lucie fell into a deep depression after her husband’s death, loosing her interest in her son and his work. During this period, Freud painted several portraits of his mother.

9. David Hockney, My Mother (1986)

Hockney’s mother, whose portrait is a photomontage of about 30 separate images.

10. Tracey Emin, Mum Smoking (1994)

Emin’s mother, whose portrait is a typical of Emin’s monoprint work.