Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

“Saccstry” is a young soul, living in the US and practicing a very strange but delightful form of art. Working her images on her computer program, Saccstry creates digital artworks of young girls whose innocence has been altered by their creator’s bizarre details.

Forming a macabre imagery, Saccstry incorporates both pure and gore characteristics. From cute bows to burned eyes, Saccstry’s world is a combination of the most beautiful and ugly images in life, creating a mixed result that draws the viewer’s attention. Inspired by gore, nature and space, as she writes on her website, Saccstry has a fascination with injuries and traumas. With some of her favorite artists being Mark Ryden, Trevor Brown, Hikari Shimoda, Imai Kira, Lostfish, Shintaro Kago and Yukaman, the artist finds beauty in all things including the creepy and ugly sides of life.

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