Craig Davies for Art-Sheep

Italian still life photographer Massimo Gammacurta created a series of lollipops that doesn’t just imply sex -like most lollipops do, it is sex.

This series, called KamaSugar, is a guidebook of sexual positions, as its lollipops are shaped as people in Kama Sutra positions. Gammacutra worked with edible confections from hard ball candy, food dye, and gel, which he created himself and formed according to the sex positions. He then added drips and aesthetic alterations to the shape, highlighting the depicted scene.

These dripping lollipops are not that faithful to the Kama Sutra prototyped positions, as the artist used his own vivid imagination to change them for the better. The same as sex, these lollipops don’t last forever, they are an enjoyment that lasts for a moment, as the start to melt after a few days of their creations. As for whether they can be licked, Gammacutra states, “I do taste them while I am working on it, but I wouldn’t call it FDA approved.”

KamaSugar_7 KamaSugar_1 KamaSugar_2 KamaSugar_3 KamaSugar_4 KamaSugar_5 KamaSugar_6