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For art director and designer Kevin Weir history is now!

Weir combines historical black and white photographs with internet’s biggest trend, GIFs. The result is a series of bizarre -and a bit disturbing- animated works.

The artist’s passion for designing began while still in high school. When his parents bought him a copy of Photoshop, the artist decided he wanted to become a designer and would spend hours experimenting with the program. Years later, and after having mastered it, he found himself “making black and white GIFs as a way to occupy myself during the downtime of an internship I had during grad school.” Well we don’t know how that internship went, but after posting them on his blog, his animated images definitely went viral.

His source for making his hybrids is the online archive of the Library of Congress. Weir is deeply drawn to what he calls “unknowable places and persons” and what excites him the most is the idea of putting his own thoughts and creativity in their actions. By recreating the lives of the people portrayed in these old photos, the artist connects the past with the present through his limitless imagination and weird ideas.

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