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Images © Matthew Emmett


Apart from its cold, its beautiful sky phenomena and its breathtaking scenery, northern Europe has a secret, urban explorer and photographer, Matt Emmett has discovered three years now.
His series Forgotten Heritage is composed by pictures of abandoned ex-military facilities and industrial sites. According to Emmett, these forgotten buildings function as monuments whose history elevates them in the same level as classic heritage locations, “For me these places are far more interesting than the ‘official’ world heritage locations or tourist attractions. Capturing the contrast between these two transitory states provides such fertile ground for creativity and keeps me and my camera coming back for more.”
Emmet captures spaces that look more like secret bases than places that used to operate as mines or power stations, tunnels or schools. With some of them reminding one of sets from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, their beauty emerging from their silence and the greatness of their architecture, leaves the viewer in awe.

via designboom

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