Anna Randal for Art-Sheep

Cynthia Westwood is a Texas-born artist based in the UK. Westwood’s series of paintings depicts women bathing. A theme that is a favorite and very common for artists to work with, since the begging of time. Water is often the element that symbolizes life, nature and cleanness, something intensely felt in Westwood’s work.

Her sensual women are portrayed taking their bath, in a state of tranquility, with their naked bodies looking relaxed and connected to the water. Westwood uses nudity as a random situation for her subjects, who are not defined by their appearance. Her work on detail, especially in the expressions of the women’s eyes, showcase the artist’s need to focus on their feelings and thoughts, while interacting with the spiritual function of bathing. Water stands as the focal point of the imagery, adding to the sensuality and serenity of Westwood’s women.

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