Hasankeyf, Turkey

by Margot Pierce

Brussels-based nonprofit organisation Europea Nostra has released a shortlist of 14 at-risk buildings, monuments, and archaeological sites located in 14 different European countries. “The 14 shortlisted monuments and sites were selected taking into account their outstanding heritage and cultural value as well as the grave danger that they are facing. The commitment of various public and private stakeholders and the engagement of the local communities to rescuing those sites were also considered essential. Another important criterion was the potential of these sites to serve as a resource and a driver of sustainable development for the wider region in which they are located,” Europea Nostra explains.

In March, the organization will narrow its list down to seven sites so they can formulate a conservation action plan for each!

Here’s the full Europea Nostra shortlist of endangered sites:

  • Ancient city of Hasankeyf, Turkey
  • The archaeological site of Ererouyk and village of Ani Pemza, Armenia
  • The Palace of Justice in Brussels, Belgium
  • The Patarei Sea Fortress in Tallinn, Estonia
  • The Helsinki-Malmi Airport, Finland
  • The Colbert Swing Bridge in Dieppe, France
  • The Castle in Divitz, Germany
  • Kampos of Chios, Greece
  • The Venice Lagoon, Italy
  • Castle Rijswijk, the Netherlands
  • Y-block in Oslo, Norway
  • The Valflores Palace and Estate, near Lisbon, Portugal
  • The Convent of St. Anthony of Padua, Extremadura, Spain
  • Mavisbank House, near Edinburgh, the United Kingdom

Mavisbank House in Scotland


The Y-block of the Regjeringskvartalet in Norway