by Maria Sofou

Artist Milo Moiré took to the Cologne Cathedral on Friday to protest the Cologne attacks: the artist staged a naked protest in support of women, demonstrating against German police’s lack of action regarding the attacks and holding a political sign that read “Respect us! We’re not fair game, even when we are naked”.

On New Year’s Eve 379 allegations of violence were recorded in Cologne: 40% of them were about sexual attacks and two of them reports of rape.

“I have a zero tolerance, what happened and how we deal with it. I felt concerned immediately. It was my first explicitly political statement. I am a human, I am a woman, I am an artist, I am a psychologist, I am a European citizen. I want to preserve the values and fight to ensure that they are preserved, we can not take a step backwards. Women should maintain their attitude and not be intimidated and stand up for their freedom. And on the other hand, it is the job of politicians to take action now, so that does not happen again. Thus women continue to live in freedom,” the artist wrote in a statement.