Segawa 37 - Gif 1

by Craig Davies

Two of my favorite things in life are GIFs and Japanese art. You can imagine my excitmenet when I found out that an internet artist combines these two, and creates a beautiful, animated world.

Segawa 37 reimagines famous traditional Japanese woodblock prints by giving life to small details, like lamps lighting and birds flying. Taking simple depictions of everyday scenes in Japan, adds surrealism to traditional Japanese painting and creates a series of works that manage to combine two very different forms of art, in a very natural way.

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Segawa 37 - Gif 3
【動く浮世絵】週末 created by 瀬川三十七

Segawa 37 - Gif 6 Segawa 37 - Gif 2
Segawa 37 - Gif 7

Segawa 37 - Gif 5