Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

Alexey Kondakov is a Ukrainian artist and art director who often creates fantasy, futuristic worlds of catastrophic environments.

In this series Kondakov incorporates scenes from classic paintings in contemporary photographs of the city of Kiev. Through these digital collages, we get the chance to imagine how these gods, nymphs and goddesses would look in an urban environment, should they were living in our times.

Combining two very different cultures, that have a huge time and space gap between them, Kondakov’s creations are a  postmodern artistic approach of the old masters’ great works. From Caravaggio to French academic painter William Bouguereau, and from the Italian romantic painter Francesco Hayez to the Baroque artist Nicolas Regnier, many artists’ famous characters were taken from their natural environment and were re-imagined inside an unfamiliar setting.


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