Melissa Faithful for Art-Sheep

Flying is an action no human being is capable of doing, except little Wil who not only can fly, he also does all these creative things while flying.

From following his siblings’ bicycle ride to eating, little Wil seems to not do anything without using his super power. Wil (William) is the fifth child in the Lawrence family, and has has Down’s Syndrome. As he is still a baby, he crawls around lifting his legs and flapping his arms in the air, something that looks like flying to his parents. Witnessing this, his dad Alan, an art director and web designer, decided to create pictures of Wil flying, by holding his son aloft, and then editing himself out.

“While looking into his eyes everything started to go into a dream state (…) My emotions of joy paused as everything around me seemed to slow down. The nurse may of been talking to me but I wasn’t listening.” Alan writes on his blog. “I could immediately tell from the almond shape of Wil’s eyes that he had Down Syndrome.” After going online but finding no positive view on their son’s syndrome, these awesome parents decided to travel through five American states, take pictures and make four yearly calendars about their airborne son.

So “Wil Can fly” is a story about a flying boy.