Samuel Masters for Art-Sheep

A different kind of photography project is undertaken by Brazilian artist Edu Monteiro. For starters, not only does he pose as the model in his own creations, but he also brings together elements of photography, performance and sculpture in order to create something highly unusual and rather bizarre.

The Rio de Janeiro-based artist captures himself from the chest-up; the only thing is his face is hidden in every one of his photos. How? Monteiro completely masks his head with an assortment of very different and very irrelevant items. From cabbage leaves to ciggarettes, charcoal to raw intestines, even a live armadillo, the resultine portraits are a fine mixture of droll and absurd. The photographer characteristically states about his work, “My sensorial self-portraits are personal fictions. The impulse emerged from a sensory mask made by a Brazilian plastic artist Lygia Clark. With this impulse came the desire to try to manipulate and to wear an object that forced a change of sensations and self-analysis.”

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