Anna Randal for Art-Sheep

Martin Roller is a German artist who apparently doesn’t mind trash, as he collects objects he finds on the streets of Berlin and turns them into surreal and creatively nonfunctional works.

With a background and a setting that reminds one of advertising, Roller manages to combine the appearance with the concept behind his creations, a mix that leads to a playful body of work. After he constructss every artwork, he photographs it, while he never digitally alters them, something that makes Roller’s work so uniquely interesting.

Roller carefully constructs every object, with an insistent attention to detail. These works stand both as 3D whimsical collages and installations, while the story the artist narrates through them, is a story of nature and transformation. This interesting technique seems to be of the artist’s interest, much more than the possibility of digitally editing the images the way he wanted them. By re-inventing these common objects, Roller also attaches a futuristic sense to their existence and functionality.



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