Anna Randal for Art-Sheep

Have you taken your daily dose of “weird” yet? If not, prepare to be creeped out, as Matthias Jung is a German graphic designer who created a series of surrealistically unusual collages.

In his collages, Jung designs fictional structures that seemingly turn the logic of architecture upside down. Fields grow on top of buildings, houses float in the air and contrasting architectural styles are fused together in strangely harmonious ways. What’s extremely admirable is the fact that the viewer doesn’t notice at first glance, how Jung artistically intervened in these images. The choice of colors and the combination of good design and aesthetics created this exceptional series of collages that would confuse even the most experienced architect.

via thisiscolossal

matthias-8 matthias-1 matthias-2 matthias-3 matthias-4 matthias-5 matthias-6matthias-7