Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

Tyler Spangler is a graphic designer, known for his psychedelic digital portraits and collages and how he manages to alter the context of the images he works with.

Amongst his work one can find from designed colorful patterns to GIFs. Whether he is illustrating a book or collaborating for a project, Spangler explores the relations between form with color and design with photography. For his collages he often mixes color and patterns of texture, creating contradictory but highly aesthetic visual results. Apart from mixing, the artist also likes to erase the clearness of the pictures he uses, cloaking the faces of the people and altering their characteristics, either by using tape-like tricks or by “burning out” the colors of the images, giving them a wet paint effect.

The chaos depicted in his works and the mutations his characters go through, showcase the Spangler’s interest in experiment and combining the familiar with the distorted. The portraits below are a fine example of his technique and the various ways he creates in.


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