Anna Randal for Art-Sheep

All images courtesy of Bina Baitel studio

Through OLED technology (organic light-emitting diode) illuminating design has reached unprecedented levels, since its first use in consumer products.

For Milan Design Week 2015, Bina Baitel studio has created “Recto-Verso”, a collection of multi-reversible lamps that harness OLED lighting. Their thin, light-weight plaques give the pieces of the collection a uniqueness that separates them from common lamps. The plaques are held by a freestanding pull-over leather sheath, while the lamps work by associating user interaction with nano-technology.

With soft movements, the user can change the lamp’s brightness and create varied atmospheres of luminescence. “Recto-Verso” floods the space with bright light, when its emitters are faced up, while it has the feature of turning on itself and radiating a gentle, diffused glow.

The collection will be launched at France Design during Milan Design Week, April 14-19, 2015

via designboom

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