Anna Randal for Art-Sheep

Hannah Altman is a young photography student who created a beautiful series of pictures titled “And Everything Nice”, in which biological expressions of women’s bodies, like bleeding and crying, are replaced by glitter.

This projects presents the “ugly truth”; that women are human beings -shocker! In a society were men treat women as subjects and carriers of beauty, bleeding, vomiting and crying are inappropriate actions for women. This pressure is symbolized through photos that portray women crying “pretty”, as all fluids have been replaced by glitter. “The body fluid of the models – which includes blood, tears, and vomit – has been replaced with glitter in order to visualise the concept of girls invariably needing to seem attractive regardless of what is actually happening in each scenario. The project is intended to be a pictorial representation of the unreasonable female standard of beauty. By creating set-ups that would normally be considered grotesque would it not be for the glitter, the sparkle stands out because it is the only facet of the photo that is abnormal”

This set photos was first uploaded on Atman’s tumblr and has since gone viral.