Anna Randal for Art-Sheep


Apart from being on wheels, this San Fransisco cafe offers all the comforts a 2015 person would expect their favorite coffee shop to have.

The recently launched company Leap offers the residents of San Fransisco an effective and creative ride to start their day off. The city’s youth gets the chance to travel in style, while at the same time, socialize and take its morning coffee, on the way to work. WiFi, power outlets plus various coffee and juice choices turn daily commute into a delightful and productive experience.

The luxury bus line did their best in order to create a relaxing atmosphere with comfortable furniture and high-designed decor. The cross-town commuter bus is intended to attract San Fransisco’s young and creative residents. Providing its costumers the element of the surprise, this cafe can be found via GPS while its passes can be booked through an app, a process that gives a whole other meaning to the experience of waiting the bus.

via mymodernmet

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