Awe at the incredibly well preserved art on the ceiling of the Temple of Hathor

2.5 kilometres (1.6mi) south-east of Dendera, Egypt, the Dendera Temple complex is located. It is considered one of the best-preserved temple complexes in the entirety of Egypt. Its main temple is the renowned Temple of Hathor. It is the dominant building of the complex and it is considered 4,200 years old having been built in the late Ptolemaic period. In this remarkably preserved temple, a large hypostyle hall can be found, several shrines and depictions of both Cleopatra VI and the son she shared with Julius Caesar.  The entire temple is celebrated for its incredible artworks. But possibly none of them is quite as astonish as the ceiling.

In recent times, workers removed black soot from the aforementioned ceiling, which has been accumulated through hundreds of years. After removing the soot, they gazed in awe. A vivid and exquisite painting was looking down on the. Decorated with zodiac signs, a complex astrologica chart and brilliant scenes depicting a number of figures. Thanks to this restoration, some of the most vibrant and colorful paintings dating from antiquity are now visible on the site.

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Also Some Before And After Shots

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Image via Robert of Arabia