It’s put-your-cat-in-the-fridge hot


News flash; it’s hot! How hot is it? It’s melt-your-stairs hot. It’s put-your-cat-in-the-fridge hot. Where? Great Britain. And it’s not just hot, it’s record breaking hot. And not only for the UK mind you. But for Germany, France, Belgium as well. A new record for July was set in London, when Heathrow Airport reached 36.9°C, that’s 98.4 degrees Fahrenheit. While Cambridge even rose to 38°C (that is 100.5 in Fahrenheit).

While the situation is almost unbearable, it seems people’s sense of humor didn’t melt as well because of the heat wave. So here are 26 pics that show how people in the UK are dealing with the boiling-point of the summer.

Enjoy and stay frosty.

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