The similarities are noteworthy (and not only about their appearance)

Alexander Boris Pfeffel Johnson, or simply Boris Johnson is the newest Prime Minister of the UK. He assumed office on the 23d of July as the leader of the Conservative Party. Donald J. Trump currently serves as the 45th president of the USoA, from January of 2017. Both men stand at the helms of two Great Powers of the world, and seem to share many similarities with each other. And not only similarities based on appearance.

Firstly, both of them became well known from their TV appearances. Trump with his gig at the Apprentice and Boris Johnson with the quiz show “Have I Got News For You”. Both have a reputation for misleading or false statements. Both of them have raised rumors about extra-marital affairs and their private lives in general. Trump and Johnson are characterized by their no-nonsense, straightforward way of speaking. And lastly, one other major thing they share, is their feelings towards certain demographic groups. Johnson for example has reffered in the past, to homosexual men as “bumboys”, to Muslim women as “letterboxes” and black Africans as “watermelon smiles” and piccaninnies”.

But as it seems, people didn’t just notice similarities on these two leaders’ views and background, but about their appearance as well. Tell us what you think. On what level, do these two, are one and the same?

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Here’s what people said about the comparison between the two men.