Kahlo as a baby

Anna Randal for Art-Sheep

Frida Kahlo is one of the most famous Mexican artists of the 20th century, not only for her surreal paintings, but also for the hundreds of photographs taken of her with her husband, fellow artist, Diego Rivera. Kahlo loved posing for the camera since the beginning of her life, as shown in many found images from her childhood.
Her father, Guillermo Kahlo, often captured her, her six sisters and her mother on film. These photos portray beautifully, Kahlo’s coming-of-age amongst her beloved family. Her signature gaze and strong eyebrows make her instantly recognizable. Looking at the photos one can also notice her prominent love for flowers and her unique aesthetic, two of her most distinct characteristics as an artist.

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Age 4


Age 5


Age 6


Frida (far right) age 12, with sister Cristina (left) and best friend, Isabel Campos (center)


Frida dressed in drag (center), with sisters Adriana and Christina and cousins Carmen and Carlos Verasa


Age 18