The mysterious street artist Banksy strikes once again with a photo posted to his Instagram account of a stencil artwork. It comes with no caption and appeared on Wednesday, 25th February in the morning -you can see it here Instagram/
The piece, which shows a cloaked woman with her head in her hand and is done on a padlocked door, doesn’t appear on the artist’s website as other of his recent works, such the “Mobile Lovers”, do.


It is mentioned on Twitter by user Banksys Teddy that the form is similar to the mythological Greek character Niobe, who has been an inspiration to many artists from William Shakespeare to the electronic pop artist Caribou.
Banksy has not revealed the location of this new piece, as was the case with “Mobile Lovers” which was eventually spotted near a youth club in Bristol. Still, Bristol News has asked Bristol urbanites if they have come across the work anywhere in the city, where Banksy first appeared as a street artist and made his name.


During his New York residency, Better Out Than In, Banksy has used his Instagram account to post a new piece of work every day for a month, made in unknown locations across Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.

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