Anna Randal for Art-Sheep

Photos by Itay Ohaly and Benny Gam Zo Letova

Israeli designer Itay Ohaly filled the walls of the Design Museum Holon with beautiful brightly-colored etchings.

Ohaly divided his work into two happenings, that took place in two different rooms. The first room was an installation, planned and curated by the artist himself. The imaginative artist carved the walls of that room, creating bright and funky etchings. These colorful doodles, surely reminding us those of a child’s, were later covered by black paint that filled the walls entirely. The role of the visitor was to scratch the black paint and discover the beautiful etchings beneath it. The second room, or active room, was a completely black room that hosted an interactive installation; with just a table and a chair in it, the viewers had the chance to experiment and create art themselves.

Colored Memories is not just an installation at a museum. It is a beautiful project that connects the artist, the work and the visitor in the most beautiful, creative and meaningful way.

via designboom

Colour-Etching-at-Design-Museum-Holon-by-Itay-Ohaly_dezeen_ss_1 Colour-Etching-at-Design-Museum-Holon-by-Itay-Ohaly_dezeen_ss_5 Colour-Etching-at-Design-Museum-Holon-by-Itay-Ohaly_dezeen_ss_2 Colour-Etching-at-Design-Museum-Holon-by-Itay-Ohaly_dezeen_ss_7 Colour-Etching-at-Design-Museum-Holon-by-Itay-Ohaly_dezeen_ss_23 Colour-Etching-at-Design-Museum-Holon-by-Itay-Ohaly_dezeen_ss_21 Colour-Etching-at-Design-Museum-Holon-by-Itay-Ohaly_dezeen_9 Colour-Etching-at-Design-Museum-Holon-by-Itay-Ohaly_dezeen_ss_20 Colour-Etching-at-Design-Museum-Holon-by-Itay-Ohaly_dezeen_ss_10 Colour-Etching-at-Design-Museum-Holon-by-Itay-Ohaly_dezeen_ss_19 Colour-Etching-at-Design-Museum-Holon-by-Itay-Ohaly_dezeen_ss_18 Colour-Etching-at-Design-Museum-Holon-by-Itay-Ohaly_dezeen_ss_17 Colour-Etching-at-Design-Museum-Holon-by-Itay-Ohaly_dezeen_ss_16 Colour-Etching-at-Design-Museum-Holon-by-Itay-Ohaly_dezeen_ss_22