Minneapolis-based artist Jessica Wohl created a collage series of embroidered details on old found photographs.

“Sewn Drawing” is a project influenced by the concepts of home and family. Using embroidery, the artist covers the faces of the people depicted on the photos, creating a mysterious superhero-y feeling. Without knowing about their personalities or their lives, Wohl uses sewing to intrude in a way that is helping them “keep it together”, but also prevents life from “ripping them apart”. Whether they were living in a happy house or had to go through difficult situations, the artist neutralizes these characters and gives them the personality she thinks suits them, by using different threads and techniques.

As Wohl says, “While subtly implying that my subjects are flawed, the handmade mark in this work, including drawing, cutting and sewing, is evidence of our human condition—that is, we create our own realities and we are not as perfect as we may seem. As a timeless method of fixing and mending, I use sewing as a metaphor for “keeping it together.” This relentless need to prevent things from “ripping apart at the seams” speaks to the human need for connection, while simultaneously masking this vulnerability to appear composed in the eyes of others.”

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