We’ve gone batty for these cute pictures, which show tiny abandoned baby bats wrapped up in blankets, being fed from bottles.

Swathed in spotted and striped blankets, the fruit bats are being cared for at the Tolga Bat Hospital in Atherton, Australia.

About 300 bat pups are orphaned every year because their mother is ill and can’t feed them or has died from tick paralysis.

Tolga Bat Hospital volunteer Ashleigh Johnson carries a cot full of abandoned baby flying foxes

Normally we associate bats with being blood-thirsty, but all these cute critters want to drink is some bottled milk. 

These furry creatures are too injured to return to the wild and need to be nursed back to health. 

Pictured at the hospital, the black flying animals can be seen sucking on bottles, while they are swaddled in colourful blankets. 

About 300 bat pups are orphaned every year because their mother is ill and can’t feed them or has died from tick paralysis
The furry critters can be seen swaddled in colourful blankets while they star innocently at the camera

The bats can also be seen bathing in the bathroom sink and even having their hair combed by workers at the hospital. 

The Tolga Bat Hospital is a community group working for the conservation of bats and their natural habitat.

The volunteers care for bats who have come from hundreds of kilometres away in need for urgent care. And they also take in bats for sanctuary after they have been retired from zoos. 

Sucking on bottle caps the furry friends have been taken down by tick paralysis, which is a problem affecting thousands of bats on the Atherton Tablelands
The bat burritos are being nursed back to help by the Tolga Bat Hospital volunteers
The tiny animals look like they are the best of friends in this precious shot, which shows one bat straddling the other

Volunteers at the hospital spend their time caring for the bats, nursing them back to health and then release them back into the wild when they are ready.

According to the Tolga Bat Hospital’s website: ‘caring for sick or young animals is like caring for sick or young humans, many tasks are very repetitive but your love and respect for the animals will make it very rewarding.’

Tick paralysis is killing hundreds of flying foxes in Australia each year.

The abandoned bats are very well looked after in the hospital. This bat doesn’t even have to let go of his bottle while he is being bathed
Volunteers Ashleigh Johnson and Amy Green care for the baby bats like newborn babies, making sure they are well tucked in to their blackets