Anna Randal for Art-Sheep


The Swing at the End of the World is not exactly what the title describes it to be, but it’s actually pretty close.

Located in Baños, Ecuador at La Casa del Árbol (The Treehouse), this swing is handcrafted for the adventurous hiker or the brave visitor. These fearless people who sit on the swing are offered a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape, including the Tungurahua volcano. The experience of riding this swing can’t be compared with the excitement you feel on the swing in your backyard or the park. Swaying back and forth above a deep cliff is a heart-pumping experience that gives s serious adrenaline rush to people who dare to even sit on this swing.

If, even after watching the video above, you don’t mind swinging above a 2,660-meters-deep cliff, you better plan a trip to Ecuador and experience the magical feeling of swinging at the End of the World.

via mymodernmet

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