Craig Davies for Art-Sheep

Urban Treehouse is an architectural project designed by Baumraum. Located in Berlin, the house offers the possibility for a long-term living due to its modern design and cozy atmosphere.
The house was built as an experimental research project inside a community with larger properties, buildings and gardens. The Urban Treehouse was designed as an addendum to the collection of  small alternative constructions in the city, all while preserving
the nearly 7,000 square-foot tree population around it.
Two cubic units of 226 square feet of living space each, compose the beautiful construction. Their utilities, supply circuit, and storage space are concealed in their bases, while the combination of galvanized steel on the exterior and warm wooden surfaces inside, create a beautiful atmposphere that makes this house interesting and special.
This adorable dream-house can offer its residents serenity and isolation through its simplicity and surrounding nature.
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