Bruce Louis for Art-Sheep

Got ink? Then you got some art in your skin. Because that’s what getting a tattoo really is -getting art set right in your skin. For those who think that tattoos don’t go well with old age we got some pictures below of a few pretty badass seniors that couldn’t boast their ink in a more rock’n’roll way. You’ll notice how none of them show any sign of regret about their tattoos but rather look quite proud about them. As for the tattoos themselves, they don’t seem to have been destroyed by time. Some of them are so well shot that it seems like time hasn’t touched them almost at all. A good tattoo artist is a your ticket to some great looking ink at old age.

The photos below prove false many of the arguments most people use against tattoos. One of the strongest is that you cannot look professional if you have a tattoo. Wrong. Professionalism springs from the way one presents oneself and not from whether one has piercings or ink in their skin. Besides, there’s always that great invention called “clothing” if one really needs to cover up their tattoos for some reason. Perhaps the strongest argument against having a tattoo is that, if you get one you’ll grow bored of it. Nope. These people don’t seem to be bored of their them and anyway it’s just another body feature like freckles or a tiny mole above the lip or a birthmark of any sort.
Tattoos are an art of life, they tell stories, and these folks here seem like they have lived their lives to the fullest and definitely have a few stories to tell.

via cubebreaker