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This year Sylvester Stallone didn’t visit Cannes to promote a new movie. He actually did visit the French Riviera for the opening of his retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nice, on Saturday.

Yes, when he is not fighting the bad guys, Stallone practices his other art, painting. The works featured in the exhibition are from 1975 to this year. One of his works is titled “Finding Rocky,” inspired by the movie character that made Stallone a star. According to the actor/artist many things inspire his art.“There is no way you can’t be affected by what you see on the television, by what you see on the street and so it definitely sinks into the work too,” he stated. “I won’t say pessimistic but it’s questioning you know . What is life, what is all about, is it worth of it.”

Stallone considers his art as a personal journey, something that won’t and should’t be of public interest:“My art isn’t one that educates, you know, it’s not making social statements, it’s not drawing conclusions, it’s not declaring what is right, it is not political. It’s just one man’s struggle and success and all emotions you go along in life, ups and downs.”

The exhibition is on display until May 30th.

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