Impressive use of technology by Japanese studio designers


As the years go by the technology will only get better and better. It has given us and will continue to give us the chance to create things that many years ago we could only imagine. With technology came 3D printing and we have seen impressive things done so far.

A Japanese design studio created ReDeStu which are soy sauce porcelain dishes. But they are not ordinary dishes. As you can see on the images down below the dishes have been carved with different types of paintings at the center. Once they are filled with the soy sauce a hidden painting are revealed. Thus far they have made a few designs, as you can see, a Japanese nation symbols known as Fuji, Itsukushima Shrine and some animal figures kittens and puppies. They cost only 10 $ (¥ 1,080) which can’t get any better than that.

Don’t miss the video at the end, it is mesmerizing to say the least.