” World Breaking-Day ” for Ethiopia!


One human can do a lot of things, but when humanity comes together and sets a goal for a good cause then beautiful things happen. There might be a lot of negative things going on right now but we can focus on the positive one’s. Ethiopia managed to break the world record by planting 350 million trees! That’s unbelievable !

To be exact, people on July 29 gathered in 1000 sites all across the country with a goal to plant 200 million saplings. As you can imagine that number already was ambitious but they succesfully planted 353,633,660 saplings in 12 hours. Which is almost the double ammount of samplings they wanted in the first place.

Although the record hasn’t been verified, the sheer amount of trees planted would easily beat the current record of 50 million trees planted in one day, which was achieved back in 2016 in Uttar Pradesh, India. The Indian attempt is officially confirmed by Guinness World Records as ‘Most trees planted in 24 hours.

Many schools and public offices were closed for the day to allow as many volunteers to join this important cause. The Prime Minister himself led by example as he planted the first sapling.

After all this success someone would think that they would feel that they have done enough but that is not the case. The government aims to plant 4 billion trees this year. According to agriculture officials, the country has achieved 2.6 billion so far. Now China has set out to lead by example with the country’s plan to increase its forest coverage to 23% in the upcoming decade.

Seriously my brain simply cannot comprehend this number of trees they have planted. The only thing i can say is congatulations to all the people who planted all this trees and thank you for showing to the rest of the world what can be done in just one day.

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