Holly Williams for Art-Sheep

Who doesn’t love Minions? They are yellow, goofy, blobby and hilarious. After the first Despicable Me movie, their fanbase has kept growing and growing, including people of all ages, and for good reason. “Can they get more adorable?” you will ask. Well, Jen Lewis seems to think so, as she decided to take things onto the next level.

The whimsical yellow characters are re-imagined as famous Disney princess, resulting in a series of pictures dripping with hilarity. From Jasmine to Ariel and from Snow White to Pocahontas and Cinderella, the tiny minions pose with mischievous expressions in portraits of the beloved heroines as you have never seen them before.

via boredpanda

minion-disney-princesses-reimagined-9 minion-disney-princesses-reimagined-8 minion-disney-princesses-reimagined-7  minion-disney-princesses-reimagined-5 minion-disney-princesses-reimagined-4 minion-disney-princesses-reimagined-3 minion-disney-princesses-reimagined-2minion-disney-princesses-reimagined-6