Many unsubscribed immediately, most of them men…

This is our time and age, right? Anyone can snap a few pics on their phone, mess around with a few beauty filters and boom, insta-model. Or even on live video, boom viral-streamer!

And while it is nice to play around with these filters, they can be… a little misleading, to say the least. Like the case we have for you today. The story unravels as follows.

There was a streamer on DouYu (a major Chinese video-based social network with over 300mil users). A young Chinese woman known as “Your Highness Qiaobiluo”. She had 130k followers and even gathered around $14,500 on donations from them, so they would meet in real life.

Mid-stream though her beauty filters glitched and dropped completely. Her co-host Qingzi, seemed utterly confused, as were the fans watching live. The co-host was numb enough from all this, to not say a word about it, so an awkward convo ensued. A great chunk of “Qiaobiuo’s” followers were lost because of this incident – many of which were unsurprisingly male.

The streamer, as it came to light, is actually a 58-year-old lady, who just really enjoys playing Apex Legends. She confessed a bit later, that she uploaded heavily edited photos and perfected with beauty filters in order to boost her traffic.

But that’s marketing for ya, because this streamer now has 650,000 followers! And her audience is still growing!