Inspired by Greatist, these illustrations will take you back 100 years to examine how the ideal of the “perfect” female body has changed over the past generations. From the Gibson girl of the early 1900’s to the famous curves of Kim Kardashian, this timeline will definitely surprise you.

Beginning with the 1910s Gibson Girl ideal inspired by the illustrations of Charles Dana Gibson


By 1920, the flapper girl was well in fashion and a trim figure was all the rage


Hemlines fell in 1930 and curves seeped their way back into fashion


With their men off fighting, fashion changed in the Forties and the curvy feminine look to cheer returning heroes became the order of the day


In the Fifties, weight-gain tablets were promoted in magazines to help women fill out their curves


In the 1960s, dresses shrunk to suit the favoured petite frame as sported by Twiggy


Back came the curves in 1970 – the era of the long, lean dancing queen


By the Eighties, the British woman was on the way to a healthy figure with Elle MacPherson being the ideal


The Nineties was the decade of ‘the waif’ popularised the ‘heroin chic’ look seen on Kate Moss


By the Millennium, women strived for an athletic figure like Britney Spears


Today, the Facebook generation look to body icons such as curvy, big bottomed Kim Kardashian

via Mail Online