The Largest Flower Garden in the World Closed its Gates to Visitors for the First Time in 71 Years in the Midst of the COVID-19 Outbreak


Albert is a Dutch photographer. He loves his country’s flowers and as a landscape photographer, he truly enjoys capturing nature in the Spring. He always finds time to photograph flowers and the beauty of Dutch flowers is known all over the world. Perhaps, nowhere else this beauty is more apparent than Keukenhof, one of the most astoundingly gorgeous gardens on this earth. A garden that is only open during the spring time but manages to get millions of visitors none the less.

“I’ve been photographing the tulips since forever” said Albert, “mostly in the countryside. I photographed them from all angles you can possibly imagine, but there was one thing that I still wanted to capture one time in my life: Keukenhof without any other people. This seemed impossible, until this year’s April 2020. With the COVID-19 virus keeping everyone at home and tourists away, I knew this was my only chance of making this happen. I contacted Keukenhof explaining what I had in mind and they were so kind to let me photograph the garden for a day.”

After 71 years, Keukenhof closed its gates to visitors for the first time ever. This presented a truly unique opportunity to Albert, to photograph the gardens without people.

“When I visited the park it looked at its best. Interestingly enough, we have experienced the sunniest April EVER in the Netherlands, making all the flowers pop very fast. Photographing in broad daylight with the strong sun was a challenge. But forget about the photography for a moment: walking around there all alone, with only the sounds of birds and the incredible smell of all these flowers, is an experience by itself. I sometimes just sat next to the flowers and the water, enjoying nature for 30 minutes long. It was just a magical experience. Having no people in the park allowed me to photograph paths and angles in a certain way that you normally don’t get to see because of the crowds.”

Take a look at these images below and awe at the incredible beauty of these flowers.

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